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Live now: changes to your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator
New notification: Work Allowance changes

Your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator now has a new notification to tell you of a change in expected income from April 2019. This has arisen due to the increase in work allowances and the National Minimum Wage announced in the budget.

The notice gives an indicative amount for change in income, based on current earning levels. This will help advisors to plan employment and budgeting choices with people, taking account of expected changes in income.

New feature: Minimum Income Floor and Council Tax Support

Some local authorities take account of the minimum income floor when calculating council tax support for self-employed claimants. The calculator now displays text to tell you if this is the case. More detail on the minimum income floor can be seen in a case notice; select Information about your case on the right hand side to view.

New notification: Severe Disability Premium

A new notification about the migration to Universal Credit for those in receipt of Severe Disability Premium has been added. This will enable you to provide advice on likely migration to Universal Credit and backdated transitional payments for people who have already migrated.

New feature: Recording debts secured on a property

You can now record different priority debts secured against a property separately. Find the new fields in the Budget tab by selecting Debts. Any amount entered will be displayed as a priority debt in the Smart Budget report.

New notification: Offsetting pension income against contributory benefits

A new notice indicates where contributory benefits are reduced due to income from an occupational or private pension. This provides advisors with the information required to help claimants understand why these payments may be less than expected.

We run free introductory training webinars for all our customers. Scheduled every month and lasting 45 minutes, the online sessions go through the main features of the Benefit and Budgeting Calculator. Perfect for introducing new users or refreshing existing users.

Our next online training session is Wednesday 12 December at 12:00 - 12:45. Register below.

Report bugs and suggest improvements

Tell us if you find any bugs or errors in the calculator via the online chat facility or by clicking on the button below. Please also tell us what enhancements or brand new features you'd like to see in your calculator.

Need help?

Email or call 0330 388 9242. The quickest way to get a response is via the built in help functionality at the bottom right of your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator screen.

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