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In this issue

  • Model the impact of Brexit on low-income households
  • Deven debates against scrapping Universal Credit in Prospect magazine
  • We win the Community Award at the Anglian Water Supplier Awards
  • Desiging effective data-led local authorities webinar
  • Round-up of recent speaking engagements at LSE, NHF, IRRV and Westminster Briefing
  • Meet our new team members
  • Review our 2019 webinars and recent blog posts
We model the impact of Brexit on low-income household
We have been asked by a number of our clients to model the impact of Brexit on low-income families in their area and we’re now offering this service to all local authorities. Using council’s household level administrative data we have assessed the likely changes to living costs, driven by inflation and tariff / non-tariff barriers, across different Brexit scenarios.

Our in-depth analysis factors in rent and CPI inflation, as well as other planned policy changes including the migration to Universal Credit. Clients can view the results by individual low-income household level, ward level, council level and/or by household characteristics such as housing tenure or family make up. Our report includes impacts on employment and changes in disposable income, or income after costs.
Should Universal Credit be scrapped? Deven debates in Prospect magazine
Deven Ghelani, Director and founder of Policy in Practice, was invited to take part in Prospect magazine's The Duel (December 2019) to debate with Paul Wallace, former European economics editor of the Economist and author of 'The Euro Experiment'.

The question posed was Should Universal Credit be scrapped?

The article is reproduced here with kind permission.
We win the Community Award at the Anglian Supplier Awards 2019  
We are delighted to have scooped the Community Award at last month's Anglian Water Supplier Awards 2019.  We help Anglian Water to support financially vulnerable customers via our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator.

We were proud to be nominated in two categories, Customer Experience and Community, so a win was the icing on the cake. Thank you and congratulations to all the other winners and nominees.

If you would like to arrange a demo of our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator you can contact us on 0330 088 9242 or email

Free webinar: Designing effective data-led local authorities
Wednesday 29 January at 10:30 - 11:30

In our latest webinar showcasing how public sector administrative data is being used for good, join us to hear how our guest speakers,  Fiona Clay-Poole, Neath Port Talbot Council and Mark Fowler, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, are using data to transform their organisations intelligently.

Can't make the date? Register anyway to automatically get the recording and slides.
Round up of recent speaking engagements
Policy micro-simulation at Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE
Dr Ben Fell, Head of Policy, and Deven Ghelani, Director, Policy in Practice, were invited by London School of Economics to present about 'Exploring the impacts of welfare reform using policy microsimulation and administrative benefits data' to students at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion.

The seminar focused on policy micro-simulation, impact evaluation using retrospective matched controls, our work modelling the impact of Universal Credit on living standards for the Joseph Roundtree Foundation as well as findings from our modelling of the impact of the two child limit on behalf of the Children's Commissioner's Office.
Debt and poverty at IRRV
In November Sarah Lambert, Affordability Assessment Sales Manager, presented to the IRRV Yorkshire & District Association Vulnerability Seminar. Sarah talked about consumer debt, the causes of vulnerability and what impact Universal Credit and Brexit will have on the most vulnerable.
Universal Credit and Guinness at NHF
In December Louise Murphy, Policy Analyst, co-presented with Guinness at the NHF's Welfare Reform National Event in Birmingham.  

Louise talked about how we'ved help Guinness to support their tenants since 2016. Read Guinness' client story to learn more about how our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has helped their 140,000 tenants prepare for Universal Credit.

Welfare reforms and data analysis to prevent homelessness at the Westminster Briefing
Jade Alsop, Commercial Director, and Paul Howarth, Policy Consultant, spoke at a recent Westminster Briefing focused on Welfare Reforms and Reducing Rent Arrears for 2019.

Paul talked about the latest Universal Credit updates and introduced our data-led approach to tackling poverty.  Jade spoke about how data can help identify people at risk of homelessness, highlighting how we help clients Croydon Council and Greenwich Council to draw valuable insights from their datasets.
On demand webinar: Our year modelling Council Tax Reduction Schemes
In our final webinar of 2019 we give a review of the 150+ council tax reduction (CTR) support schemes we modelled for local authority clients in 2019.

Zoe Charlesworth, Head of Policy, and Megan Mclean, Policy and Operations Analyst, recapped the highlights from our analysis, discussed trends we’ve identified and considered what this means for local authorities in 2020.
Thank you to all the guest speakers in our 2019 webinars
We would like to thank all of our excellent guest speakers who joined us this year to discuss important topics including how to use data to protect vulnerable children, targeting DHP payments well, best practice for budgeting support for low-income households as well council tax support.

You browse, watch and revisit our 2019 webinars below or visit our GoToStage platform.
Meet our new team members
We would like to give a very warm welcome to our new team members (l-r) Duncan Hatfield, Policy and Operations Analyst, Sarah Lambert, Affordability Assessments Sales Manager, David Marsh, Senior Developer and Claudia Varney, Policy and Operations Analyst.

See our full team here.
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