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Temporary Housing and Universal Credit

We've amended the assessment of temporary housing for people moving to Universal Credit so that housing support is now shown as being met by Housing Benefits.

Although households in temporary accommodation who've already moved to Universal Credit have their housing costs met within their Universal Credit payments, this won't be the case for most people in temporary accommodation who migrate to Universal Credit after Wednesday 11 April.

Note: If it's likely that a customer will migrate to Universal Credit before Wednesday 11 April select a tenure of Private Tenant to see the impact on household income with the housing element covered by Universal Credit.

We've also added a new notice giving further information about people in temporary accommodation and the circumstances in which housing costs will be met by Universal Credit or Housing Benefit.
Improved case print outs

We have added a household summary at the top of printouts and saved PDFs of a case. This will give you a useful, at-a-glance picture of the household circumstances, income and outgoings.
Notifications about other benefits and services that may help

If your customer may be eligible for other benefits and services the calculator will now let you know. We've added additional notices about support, such as help with water costs and access to free prescriptions.
Click the Information about your case button in the right hand panel to reveal the notifications.
We run free introductory training webinars for all our customers. Scheduled every few weeks and lasting 45 minutes, the online sessions go through the main features of the Benefit and Budgeting Calculator. Perfect for introducing new users or refreshing existing users. Email for details.
Report bugs and suggest improvements

Please tell us if you find any bugs or errors in the calculator via the online chat facility or by emailing us below. We also want to hear what you would do to improve the calculator, for example by adding new features or enhancing existing ones.

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