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Explain income changes in the Universal Credit payment calendar

The Universal Credit payment calendar now includes a column showing other income in the assessment period and the total income in the assessment period. This extra information means that advisors can explain that, although Universal Credit may reduce in some months, other income such as earnings or weekly benefit may increase. Access to the calendar is available when the household entered is in a Universal Credit area, is eligible to receive Universal Credit and has a weekly based income.

Determining eligibility for Universal Credit just got quicker

We've made some layout tweaks to make it quicker for you to determine someone's eligibility for Universal Credit. You can now enter the postcode on the Household details tab, which means you'll know whether the household is eligible for Universal Credit in the following Property details tab:

If you don't want to enter a postcode, you can still enter your local area details in the Property details tab.
We've boosted case security

Case reference numbers have been changed from consecutive numbers to a random string of letters and numbers, making your case records even more secure.
Collapsed case headings give an at-a-glance view

Our default view has been simplfied to now show just the case headings for information. You can choose to click and reveal just the detailed information you are interested in. This change gives case workers a quick reminder of items that may be worth discussing with a client.
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