Live now: changes to your calculator
New benefits amounts valid from 6 April 2018

Your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has been updated with changes in thresholds and amounts that came into effect from 6 April. These include changes in National Insurance, tax and tax credits. The calculator has also uprated the averages used in the budgeting section using the latest ONS data.

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Support for Mortgage Interest is now converted to a loan

Your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator has been updated to take account of this month's new regulations around Support for Mortgage Interest. The support is now in the form of a loan that is offered to those who qualify. If a claimant is an owner occupier or in a shared ownership property, the calculator will first ask if they qualify for support and, secondly, if they will take out the loan. Tooltips for both inputs outline the qualification rules and the loan criteria. Hover over the question marks to reveal the tooltips.
Information for Carers and Carers Allowance

We've added a new alert to clarify the impact on benefits for carers who are not claiming Carers Allowance. The alert contains information about claiming the allowance and a link to enable the user to claim.
Show Council Tax support for banded schemes

Your Benefit and Budgeting Calculator can now show correct council tax support for banded schemes. These are local Council Tax schemes where discounts on the Council Tax charge are based on household income. In some cases, certain income types are ignored or bands adjusted to take account of household make up.

This functionality means we can now calculate accurate council tax support for the few councils that currently operate banded schemes. More importantly, we've future-proofed the calculator to easily accommodate future changes in local schemes.
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Report bugs and suggest improvements

Please tell us if you find any bugs or errors in the calculator via the online chat facility or by emailing us below. We also want to hear what you would do to improve the calculator, for example by adding new features or enhancing existing ones.

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